How to recover deleted photos from Verykool Spark s505 phone

Verykool Spark s505 photo recovery software to recover deleted pictures from Verykool Spark s505 phone android smart phone sd card.
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Use “Undelete” to recover deleted photos from Verykool Spark s505 phone

Use “Unformat” to recover photos after format Verykool Spark s505 phone

Use “Recover partition” to recover photos if Verykool Spark s505 phone partition changed or damaged or deleted.

Use “Full Scan” to recover lost photos Verykool Spark s505 phone if partitions show as “raw” or recover files which can not be found with “undelete”and “unformat” and “recover partition” ,recover files from raw partition,recover files of partitons which are not NTFS,nor exfat,nor fat32.

It would be easy to mistake the Verykool Spark for a Samsung Galaxy S4 — both have a rounded corners and a smooth back cover with a textured design. They are both around the same thickness, and from the front, they look alike.

However, the Spark has a few of its own traits. First, it has an all-plastic body, and while the silver accent around the edge of the phone looks like metal, it’s not. There are no physical buttons on the front display, and the thin but prominent volume rocker and power/lock button take up the right edge. The phone is larger than the S4, which means it’s slightly harder to hold one-handed, and when you hold the phone to your ear for a call, you might need to adjust your grip to reach the volume keys.The smooth, polycarbonate back cover slightly wraps around the sides of the phone, and it’s especially hard to pry off to reveal the internal slots and battery. Behind it, there’s two SIM card slots, one regular sized and one micro, plus a microSD card slot for up to 32GB of storage. You need to pull out the battery to access either SIM slot, or the microSD, which is annoying.The Spark is running Android Jelly Bean 4.2, which is nearly two years old and several steps behind the current Android KitKat 4.4. That means it’s starting to look outdated and tired next to today’s top smartphones.